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I have two kids ages 4 and 2 and finding time to workout is hard. I would usually workout in the evenings at home after kids went to bed but with schedules that wasn’t always easy. I’ve always wanted to find a routine I could do over lunch since that would be perfect time however, going offsite was difficult to do in an hour. Plus just the lack of knowledge of what to do and ways to mix it up without getting bored or plateau. Before joining, I said I wanted a workout that would kick my butt and there’s no question boot camp does just that! I feel as though the boot camp team has a bond where we encourage each other and I’ve gotten to know co-workers I typically wouldn’t have gotten to know had it not been for boot camp. When I do workout at home it’s never the same without having the team and trainers there for support and encouragement. I’ve found that I push myself harder and burn around 40% more calories at boot camp than my workouts at home and it’s much harder to make those excuses at boot camp. I always look forward to the classes and have my calendar blocked out to avoid anything else from coming up. I always do my best to schedule any meetings and appointments on days we don’t have class so I don’t miss out!
— Carrie Parsons
I am 2 weeks into our fitness onsite classes and already feeling proud of my accomplishments. I not only feel a difference in my cloths but my husband had noticed and is very complimentary. I’m never made to feel awkward in class and always encouraged to ask questions and not to compromise form for speed. This is my journey and I know the best speed to make progress at my own pace. Thanks for being so patient and pushing me to challenge myself. Love what I’m seeing and feeling!
— LeeAnn Banet

Why Worksite Wellness?

Many of our corporate clients have told us that beyond motivation in their workplace, they’ve seen some remarkable changes in their company culture such as:

  • Improved communication among team members

  • Reduced heath care costs as team members become healthier

  • Reduced absenteeism

  • Improved productivity

  • Employees are happier and more cooperative with tasks

  • Increased perceived value of company by team members

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Your business’ own fitness class, on-site, and customized for your team.

Our instructors will meet with your team prior to beginning on-site classes to gauge their current fitness comfort level so that each team member can feel comfortable throughout the group class.