Walking Challenges

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The warm weather is close! Let's get to walking! 

Workplace Walking "Challenges" engage people in becoming happier, healthier, and more energetic at work. The purpose of Challenges is to encourage healthier lifestyle behaviors. Challenges are successful when a supportive, positive climate of fun and camaraderie helps people to adopt or maintain a healthy way of living. With little or no investment in creating a company challenge, the net result is an engaged and productive workforce that performs at a higher level - everybody wins!

Try one or all three of these walking challenges and award A Monthly Certificate of Achievement is awarded each month for Gold (30 miles or 2k stairs climbed), Silver (20 miles or 1k stairs climbed), and Bronze (10 miles or 500 stairs) levels of achievement.

Participate in "Mile-Per-Day" program - choose from two dozen different aerobic activities each day and complete the minimum minutes to equal one mile. See chart here

Do the "Noon Walk" - walk a mile during lunch with coworkers and count the miles. 

Stair climbing competition - count the stairs climbed everyday toward achieving an established goal for total stairs climbed over a given time period. 

Cynthia Williams